Solo Exhibition: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Banana Shire Regional Art Gallery
15 February – 24 March 2017

I am very excited to share that I have recently installed my first solo exhibition and major showing of new works in over 2 and a half years. The exhibition is a collection of works celebrating the joy of travel and delight of reminiscing. The works share my observations of new cultures and environments and reflect on taking a journey, challenging oneself and finding a place in this world.

For a change the works are drawings and paintings, which are inspired by my recent overseas trips to Europe and New Zealand. As always themes of memory and place take precedence, as well as a continued interest in capturing fragments and observing the everyday.

In 2014, I moved back to my hometown of Biloela to manage the Banana Shire Regional Art Gallery. While this has been an incredibly rewarding experience, it has also been a challenge to manage creating alongside a busy workload. I am very excited to show not only in my hometown, but also in the gallery where I spend so much of my time. I am glad to be back into the creative process and to have re-gained some self confidence in my work which I had lost along the way. My friends and family have been absolutely wonderful supporters of my work and I thank you all for the encouragement you provide always.
22 February 2017

Gallery: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Look Down – Pompeii, 2016. Watercolour and ink on paper.

Commission Story: A Tiara for Monica


sterling silver, amethyst, citrine, cubic zirconia

When the brief was first posed to me for this piece it was a little daunting for a number of reasons, firstly it being to make a tiara, secondly how to sprinkle faceted gems, and to set them, and lastly having the responsibility of making a a piece to be given on an engagement, my first commission of this kind. The design was left up to me, to interpret the idea of a field of flowers with the sun shining over them. So, the outline for the shapes were taken from pressed flower petals and the base piece was hammered so it would glisten in the light.

commission story: two rings for Robin

rings for robin

Two special fragment rings commissioned by Robin to celebrate her becoming an Australian citizen. The textures were chosen from my collection of ‘Queensland home’ textures and the colours were also selected by Robin. The oxidised ring is inspired by my similar bronze top versions, this is the first to be made in all silver and using oxidisation to highlight the texture.

commission story: ward family necklace


A very good fried of mine asked me to make a piece for her mother for Christmas. She completely trusted me to develop the ideas and loved every drawing or plan I shared with her, this piece was an absolute pleasure to make. The children of the family provided words to be etched, a meaningful gesture and a personal touch. The piece of the shape draws upon my aesthetic, facets and the geometric and symbolises a family, many small, individual and unique pieces coming together to create a larger form. A simple piece that is a statement, yet refined and personal.

Barbara Heath Mentorship and a piece of Tunbridge

tunbridge hero

tunbridgehero tunbridge hero tunbridge herobigcartelcircletemplate

barbara and i


The last year has been an incredible year of progress for my practice, much of that can be attributed to the incredible advice I have received from Barbara Heath and Mal Enright and although the mentorship has come to an end, the friendship continues. To finish off the year I handed over a commission piece, an object featuring a fragment from their store in Tunbridge, a big restoration project. A few ideas were sent backwards and forwards in the development of this piece, I wanted the wood fragment to be the focus and responded to Barbara’s positive feedback to other simple silver pieces I had made during the year. In the end I felt the piece needed to be an object. The silver base allows the piece of Tunbridge to be held up like a hero. It leaves one to wonder where has this piece come from, what has it been witness to, objects and pieces of history hold onto the stories of the past. The edges of textured area mimic rooflines, a reference to the domestic origins of the piece and the colour to highlight small traces of paint still left on the wood.

A quick snapshot at the end of the meeting taken by Juan-luis, my piece on a shelf next to Barbaras in the background.

a post onBarbara’s blog

a post on Mal’s blog

studio sale online


All of the ready made pieces that I have are currently on sale until midnight tonight only. Your pieces will be sent express post to arrive just in time for Christmas!



A little group shot of bench at our first studio sale yesterday! Thankyou everyone who came to visit us.

gem setting at FIO

IMG_20131003_135824 IMG_20131003_172607 IMG_20131003_220046

As part of my artstart grant I have been partaking in some gem setting classes with Matt Dwyer at FIO contemporary jewellery. I will be learning a new set of skills which I’ll be able to use for commissions and to incorporate into my own designs.


A Special project for contemporary wearables


commission story: memory rings for the slater family

slater familysinglesmallweb singlesidesmallweb

A set of memory rings for the Slater family. The rings are based on their fathers precious well worn gold and almandine garnet ring. The family asked for the rings to reference the original, yet have a more feminine aesthetic. The new set allows each of the family to have a precious link to their father, while the original piece is kept safe. A story which illustrates the power objects and sentimental pieces have in creating physical links to intangible memories.