Barbara Heath Mentorship and a piece of Tunbridge

The last year has been an incredible year of progress for my practice, much of that can be attributed to the incredible advice I have received from Barbara Heath and Mal Enright and although the mentorship has come to an end, the friendship continues. To finish off the year I handed over a commission piece, an object featuring a fragment from their store in Tunbridge, a big restoration project. A few ideas were sent backwards and forwards in the development of this piece, I wanted the wood fragment to be the focus and responded to Barbara’s positive feedback to other simple silver pieces I had made during the year. In the end I felt the piece needed to be an object. The silver base allows the piece of Tunbridge to be held up like a hero. It leaves one to wonder where has this piece come from, what has it been witness to, objects and pieces of history hold onto the stories of the past. The edges of textured area mimic rooflines, a reference to the domestic origins of the piece and the colour to highlight small traces of paint still left on the wood.

A quick snapshot at the end of the meeting taken by Juan-luis, my piece on a shelf next to Barbaras in the background.

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